Wonder Wraps, Your First Defense Against Eczema

A common skin issue with newborn babies, especially during summer time, is eczema.  Under such circumstances, most parents worry that the problem will worsen, but dermatologist Dr. Liu believes the contrary to be the case.  The reason for this contrarian view is that the root cause of eczema is a child’s lack of immunity towards skin allergies, causing it to become even more problematic during dry, in other words cold, weather.  On the other hand, Dr. Liu states that humid summer conditions can cause many other skin issues, but these issues are often attributed to be eczema by parents, hence the misunderstanding.


A baby’s skin is extremely sensitive, and those that are especially susceptible to eczema require extra close attention.  Wonder Wraps shares the following tips to all moms:

  1. Choose clothing that is loose and drafty. Preferably procure pure-cotton clothes with materials that are a absorbent, and avoid products that use synthetic fibers, fur, or help;
  2. Avoid as much physical friction as possible, and use pure-cotton bedsheets, pillows, and blankets;
  3. Consume as little seafood as possible, those allergic to egg should only eat the egg yolk, avoid fresh cow’s milk, and try to use hypoallergenic milk formula;
  4. Once it is determined that a baby is allergic to an object, avoid the same object for the next 6 months



Be Weary of your choice of diapers for the summer


We often associate “diaper rash” with particular products that are not drafty in the summer.  In actual fact, this is a misconception, as a diaper absorbs all liquids, from urine to sweat.  In saying that, mommies should certainly choose products that are relatively thin, and remember to frequently change diapers, to ensure that the baby always stays dry.  Even when holding a baby, skin contact is detrimental to sweat evaporation.  It is therefore important to always have a diaper covering the child to absorb any excess liquids.


When choosing diapers, it is preferable to choose soft, non-additive products to avoid causing harm to a baby’s legs and behind.  To ensure that the baby’s skin is exposed to fresh air, it is vital that mommies choose a product that is designed to expose skin to air.  Due to the choice of thinner products during the summer, mommies should remember to more frequently change diapers as these diapers usually don’t absorb as much water as conventional diapers.  During night time, try to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors, as well as choose products that are designed for maximum absorption, even if it means absorption occurs at a slower rate.  For example, Wonder Wraps offers a product designed to absorb multiple urinations through multi-tiered absorption technology.



Wonder Wraps – You LOVE, We CARE

As all parents know, diapers play an important role in fight bacterial growth in babies.  Constant exposure to humid and wet conditions will result in harmful bacterial growing on a baby’s skin, particularly for girls.  Wonder Wraps products use only non-additive, natural ingredients, and our elastic waist design ensures maximum flexibility and structure.  Further, our trademark anti side-leak system effectively prevents side leakage or any frictional rashes on a baby’s legs.  Our composite core absorption design channels liquid evenly throughout the product, ensuring maximum absorption and constant dryness for the baby.

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