Year: 2013

Babies 0-1 Year Old

A baby at one month old may already begin to express himself/herself orally, or even begin to smile.  At this stage, it is imperative that parents encourage this communication using… Read More »

New Moms and Dads

Post-birth, many moms experience euphoria and fatigue.  Common occurrences include becoming emotional (crying and depression being more frequent ones), fatigue, insomnia, and a major change in eating appetite (one way… Read More »

Wonder Wraps 2013 New Product Conference Gala

Our new product conference included numerous interactive activities for our guests to experience and see for themselves the quality that is put into each Wonder Wraps product. The conference ended… Read More »

Wonder Wraps Short Film Re-Launched on Jiangsu Weishi TV

From August onwards, the familiar words“You Love, We Care” along with Wonder Wraps’ loveable twin angels will once again hit the airwaves through Jiangsu Weishi TV during certain afternoon periods! … Read More »