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Wonder Wraps, Your First Defense Against Eczema


A common skin issue with newborn babies, especially during summer time, is eczema.  Under such circumstances, most parents worry that the problem will worsen, but dermatologist Dr. Liu believes the… Read More »

Wonder Wraps Promotes “Scientific” Child-Rearing, Avoid Misconceptions


Behind all the joy and happiness of welcoming a new child, parents often face the unwelcome stress of juggling between new and old ideas of child-rearing. One of the most… Read More »

SGS Confirms No Florescent Findings in Wonder Wraps Products


Like milk or formula milk, diapers are an essential part of every new born baby. It is therefore vital that the right choice of diaper is also essential. Occasionally, mothers… Read More »

An Unexpected Pleasant Finding for Moms


Having already endured the challenges of pregnancy, yours truly is now experiencing the difficulties of being a totally inexperienced mom. Other than watching countless childcare shows on my tablet, I’ve… Read More »

Use Training Pants Instead of Diaper Pants for Active Babies!


Our baby boy has just turned one and weighs 12KG, requiring him to use large-sized diapers. Our wonder baby’s starting to crawl now, and has started to roam about the… Read More »