Year: 2020

Bethreis Face Mask Passes Consumer Council Test with Flying Colors

As temperatures continue to drop, preparations in defense of new COVID-19 cases cannot be missed.  Marvel Group Holdings Limited (MGHL), in putting into motion its commitment to community care, plan… Read More »

Robasuk x Walnut Duck, What are you waiting for?

When the words Walnut Duck is mentioned, the only image that crosses the mind is the adorable yellow cartoon duck that’s more popular than most KOLs, which is why its… Read More »

Naughty Baby – The Choice of Curious Babies

Every baby is born with superpowers: on naughty days they become veritable mini monsters, but can turn into a life saving superhero on their well-behaved days. As challenging as it… Read More »

Wonder Wraps Launches Blessed Sleep Offering All Night Protection

It is common knowledge that sleep it of vital importance to adults, as the body recovers mentally and physically during that time.  If this is true for adults, logic follows… Read More »

Medical Grade Love Only With Cozy Care

Having grown up highly educated in the 80’s and 90’s, many new moms would want to know the contents of the diapers they are buying for their children.  Specifically, major… Read More »

Wonder Wraps Cool Zeal Diaper Pants – Produced for coolness, all summer long

How time flies!  We are already half way through 2020, and directly into the midst of summer!  Of course, the summer heat also brings with it unwanted humidity, especially for… Read More »

Wonder Wraps Welcomes “618” with Open Arms

2020 has been an extraordinary year, with COVID 19 bringing us social distancing and no offline shopping, but our nation has turned a corner in our fight against the Coronavirus,… Read More »

Bethreis Kids’Disposable Face Mask: Protecting Our Future

As warm weather returns, our nation’s fight against COVID-19 has turned the corner, and the population has begun returning to work.  After a prolonged period idling at home, children are… Read More »

MGHL Honored Again

The new decade arrived with fantastic news for Marvel Group Holdings Limited (“MGHL”), as its wholly-owned subsidiary, Jiangxi Marvel Consumer Products Company Limited, has received the prestigious “2019-2020 High Quality… Read More »

Bethreis has arrived! Don’t fight for Masks!

The spread and global concerns over COVID-19 has caused disposable face masks to be in extremely short supply. To support the fight against the coronavirus, Jiangxi Marvel Consumer Products Company… Read More »

Taking a Principled Stand MGHL Continues To Push Charity

The global corvid-19 pandemic has caused the a severe shortage of face mask supply. To counter this lack of supply and to do its part for society, Jiangxi Marvel Consumer… Read More »

Standing United Against COVID-19, MGHL will not Raise Prices

The arrival of the COVID-19 virus took its toll on Chinese New Year celebrations this year.  Despite rising concerns with every new suspected case announced, every citizen has complied with… Read More »