Year: 2019

MGHL Brings Warmth of Hope to Those in Need

Marvel Group Holdings Limited has always valued its social responsibilities, and its subsidiary, Jiangxi Marvel Consumer Products Company Limited, follows on this tradition. With the arrival of the winter months,… Read More »

Wonder Wraps Recommended by National TV Show

All parents are constantly glued to the tv show “Childhood Planet”, a show broadcasted by Beijing CCTV catering to children.  The show includes various segments, include parenting tips and expert… Read More »

TMall Double 11 Event: Wonder Wraps goes all out with rock bottom prices

With TMall’ Double 11 extravaganza looming, are you still scrambling to find the best deals?  This year, look no further than the Wonder Wraps Official Store, with veritable discounts to… Read More »

Want a Full Night’s Sleep? You Need This MGHL Product

Summer has quickly passed and cool dry fall is upon us. As we begin to add layers to our clothing, every parent’s frustration of changing diapers under all the clothing… Read More »

Dreamland Diapers: Ensuring Your Child’s Sweetest Dreams

As children, we always dream of the perfect world: one without troubles, stresses, and is filled with laughter and wonder. Marvel Group Holdings Limited believes it can do its part… Read More »

Marvel Group Holdings Launches New Training Pants, Just for Your Princess

Baby girls will always be daddy’s princess. As the crown jewel of every family, her wellbeing is of the highest household priority. To that end, Wonder Wraps has officially launched… Read More »

MGHL Announces Partnership with Hipac – Launches Learenys Diaper Brand

Entering its 8th year of existence, Marvel Group Holdings Limited has been fortunate enough to have received unparalleled support from consumers, partners, internal team members and all stakeholders. During this… Read More »

Marvel Group Holdings Limited Wins Award Again Wonder Wraps to Keep Pushing Growth

Marvel Group Holdings Limited continue to be grateful for all its accolades on its path to meteoric growth.  In 8 years, Marvel Group Holdings Limited’s exceptional rise has now made… Read More »

Wonder Wraps Cotton Dry Wet Wipes, An Experience Unlike Any Other

A newborn baby creates a bond that drapes over the entire family, while at the core of all this, a mother is always wanting to provide the best she can… Read More »

TMall’s Parent Day Grand Opening: Wonder Wraps Creates a Sales Storm

The inaugural TMall Parent Day is upon us, and Wonder Wraps is fully prepared to storm the event with amazing promotions in this highly anticipated event, as our way of… Read More »

An Extraordinary Diaper For Your Extraordinary Child

Every child is unique and outstanding in their mother’s eyes, and would do anything to provide the best for her child. For this reason, mothers need no further than MGHL’s… Read More »

Robasuk Diaper Pants – A Truly Silky Experience

“Creating Value, Together!” is the principal under which Marvel Group Holdings Limited operate. From its establishment MGHL continues to insist on marrying technology with quality, creating brands that every father… Read More »

Wonder Wraps: Growing with and Protecting the Queens of the Household

As March approaches, the highly anticipated Tmall Queen’s Day also draws near. Every girl dreams of being a queen, and at Wonder Wraps we believe every mother deserves to be… Read More »

Guaranteed Returns for Diaper Rash: Wonder Wraps Makes Daring Promise

Consumers of Wonder Wraps products would by now have noticed our promise of refunding all Wonder Wraps products that have caused diaper rash. This promise is Wonder Wraps’ way of… Read More »

Marvel Group Holdings Limited Garners More Awards Continue to Push for Market Leadership

As time flies, Marvel Group Holdings Limited has reached its 7th year of existence, and will continue to operate under the principle of creating a leading brand for children’s products,… Read More »