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Wonder Wraps Attends HarMoniCare Hospital’s “Tribute to Breastfeeding Moms” Event


5 September – HarMoniCare Shenzhen Woman & Childrens Hospital’s “Tribute to Breastfeeding Moms”series of activities began today, and as we strive to undertake the care part of child-rearing, we were… Read More »

Wonder Wraps Supports Pregnant Women’s Yoga Record Challenge


25 October 2015 – The Guinness World Record Challenge for most pregnant women practicing yoga together (multiple venue) was held today at the Window of the World in Shenzhen, China…. Read More »

Wonder Wraps Proudly Sponsors 3rd Annual Harmonicare Baby Crawl Challenge


15 November 2015, jointly organized by Harmonicare Hospital,, and and sponsored by Wonder Wraps, the 3rd annual Harmonicare Baby Crawl Challenge was completed today and, as with previous… Read More »

Wonder Wraps Proudly Supports Rash Prevention Seminar


November 29, 2015 – Held by Baby Tree at Guanzhou’s Baiyun Hotel, “About Motherhood: Preventing Baby Rashes Starts from Pregnancy” attracted over 300 expecting or newly minted mothers. Besides sponsoring… Read More »

Wonder Wraps Launches in HK via Hong Kong Baby Fair


January 12 2017, The 8th annual Hong Kong Baby Products Fair officially ended, which also marked the end of Wonder Wraps’ much heralded official launch in Hong Kong. With a… Read More »