Wonder Wraps Proudly Supports Rash Prevention Seminar

November 29, 2015 – Held by Baby Tree at Guanzhou’s Baiyun Hotel, “About Motherhood: Preventing Baby Rashes Starts from Pregnancy” attracted over 300 expecting or newly minted mothers. Besides sponsoring this event, Wonder Wraps also prepared fabulous gifts to all participants to show our support for motherly love. As a widely-recognized HK brand, Wonder Wraps has and will continue to support various types of community events, in-line with our motto of creating value, together.

The event featured Dr. Zhang Zhong Fang, lead medical supervisor at Guangzhou Hospital University’s sector 3. Other than the highly informative talk by Dr. Zhang, a competition among fathers was organized to see who could change diaper the fastest, as well as a sampling of a chicken and coconut broth for all parents to enjoy. On top of all that, numerous gifts and prizes were presented, including Wonder Wraps 103 super absorbent diaper pants. This event is one of many that Wonder Wraps is proud to sponsor, in our effort to further show our support for mothers, and to showcase our intricate products, so that more mothers will come to love and trust Wonder Wraps.

According to reliable statistics, allergies has now become the 3rd most common form of illness/disease in China. This statistic rises especially among younger children: over 40% of infants have skin allergies. Due to the chronic characteristics of allergies, once contracted, most children will suffer from the issue all the way towards adulthood. The importance of this issue is why Baby Tree contacted Wonder Wraps to assist in hosting this seminar, so that myths and questions can be answered professionally.

Due to their infancy, most babies’ immune system are not developed enough to withstand the myriad of bacteria or germs bombarding the body, hence their inability to fight off allergies relative to adults. As a priority, parents should focus on the use of an infant’s daily products, and periodically cleanse bedsheets and pillows with hot water (55 degrees Celsius or above) followed with drying out in the sun. Other than that, parents are encouraged to use diapers whose quality is beyond reproach, to prevent allergies and rashes from occurring in the first place. A good diaper should provide enough ventilation to keep the infant’s skin dry, while being absorbent enough to lock in any liquids within the diaper. Wonder Wraps’ products use imported raw materials and is produced in a dust-free environment hands-free, and is known as a quality brand. Lastly, when procuring products, parents should beware of purchasing from unknown or unofficial sources, as counterfeit products are rampant, especially in online stores.

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