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Wonder Wraps Launches My First Pants training pants in July


As a baby develops its motor skills to include crawling and flipping over, most becoming unwilling to lay still for diaper changes, no matter how quickly this is done. In… Read More »

Wonder Wraps Ready for TMall Launch!


A recent interview with a Marvel Group Holdings Limited spokesperson reveals that its children’s diaper brand, Wonder Wraps, is close to launching its long-awaited TMall flagship shop. As part of… Read More »

Wonder Wraps Launches New Upgraded Diaper Pants, Sales Exceed Expectations


Wonder Wraps is a subsidiary of Marvel Group Holdings Limited, a Hong Kong company of sanitary products. Wonder Wraps, although still fairly new to the market, has been widely recognized… Read More »

Wonder Wraps “Chill Easy” Diaper Pants Launched! Light, Dry, and Extra Comfy


As the seasons change, humidity increases along with higher temperatures and precipitation. An infant’s high rate of metabolism will result in an amount of sweat that a baby may not… Read More »

New Wonder Wraps Soft & Easy, Your Key to A Dry Summer Bum


Recent survey indicates that new parents are increasingly concerned with their choice of diapers. The survey reveals the four major issues as: 1) encountering fake imported but expensive diapers, 2)… Read More »