Year: 2014

New Moms and Dads

Newborn babies require feeding every 3-4 hours, including during the night.  If you are juggling work with raising a child, you will undoubtedly experience fatigue quite quickly.  It is important… Read More »

Babies 1-3 Years Old

A baby’s first adventures in his lifetime begins when he/she begins to crawl and walk, and this usually occurs when the baby is about 7-10 months old.  To start with,… Read More »

Diapers Pedia

Putting a diaper that is too large for a baby may result in leakage and, consequently wet pants!  On the other hand, if a baby is wearing a diaper that’s… Read More »

New Moms and Dads

Ever wondered why a baby cries?  It could be any number of hunger, diaper change, fatigue, wanting to be held, tummy aches, cold, hot, fear… the key is to slowly… Read More »

SGS Confirms No Florescent Findings in Wonder Wraps Products

Like milk or formula milk, diapers are an essential part of every new born baby. It is therefore vital that the right choice of diaper is also essential. Occasionally, mothers… Read More »

New Moms and Dads

Mothers are the busiest people on earth post-natal.  Other than feeding the baby, the mother may also have to manage cleaning, sleeping, and caring aspects of the new baby.  This… Read More »

Pregnancy Tip!

Urban myth solved! Although it is widely believed that surrounding an expectant mother with electronic products is harmful for the baby, there has been no scientific proof of this, even… Read More »

Wonder Wraps Ready for TMall Launch!

A recent interview with a Marvel Group Holdings Limited spokesperson reveals that its children’s diaper brand, Wonder Wraps, is close to launching its long-awaited TMall flagship shop. As part of… Read More »

Pregnancy Tip!

A pregnant woman’s dreams reflect her emotional state, which is why pregnant women report of a higher occurrence of dreams, which tend to be more vivid, than prior to pregnancy…. Read More »

Wonder Wraps Promotes “Scientific” Child-Rearing, Avoid Misconceptions

Behind all the joy and happiness of welcoming a new child, parents often face the unwelcome stress of juggling between new and old ideas of child-rearing. One of the most… Read More »

Wonder Wraps Launches My First Pants training pants in July

As a baby develops its motor skills to include crawling and flipping over, most becoming unwilling to lay still for diaper changes, no matter how quickly this is done. In… Read More »

Wonder Wraps, Your First Defense Against Eczema

A common skin issue with newborn babies, especially during summer time, is eczema.  Under such circumstances, most parents worry that the problem will worsen, but dermatologist Dr. Liu believes the… Read More »