Breaking: Jiangxi Marvel Consumer Products Company Limited Achieves Grade One Quality Status

Jiangxi Marvel Consumer Products Company Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Marvel Group Holdings Limited, has recently been awarded Grade One status from the China Consumer Products Quality Grading institution, as judged from three national-level judging institutions.

The criteria, honesty, quality, customer service, integrity, and management ability, at Jiangxi Marvel were all considered to be compliant with the honor of “Trusted Brand”, hence the grading bestowed on our subsidiary, which is published on a nation-wide basis. This honor is a true testament of Jiangxi Marvel’s excellent management, commitment to integrity, and reputation of trustworthiness.

Jiangxi Marvel Consumer Products Company Limited was established in 2012 and specializes in the manufacturing of children’s sanitary consumer goods at large scale. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Jiangxi Marvel was established in Jiangxi and was a hundred million dollar commitment as a production facility employing international-grade dust and bacteria free facilities covering 30,000 sq. meters. With 6 fully automatic, world-beating production machines, Jiangxi Marvel produces a wide variety of children’s disposable consumer products, and has a capacity of 100million pieces of diapers per month. Other than numerous OEM partnerships with major children’s brands, Jiangxi Marvel also produces its own product lines, most notable of which are: Wonder Wraps, Robasuk, Cozy Care and Naughty Baby. After years of hard work, MGHL is now an industry leader in the field of children’s disposable sanitary products.

Other than being ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 compliant with regards to quality management systems, Jiangxi Marvel also complies with national GB15979 and industry GB/T28004 standards. With regards to innovation, Jiangxi Marvel currently owns 2 invention patents a well as over 100 minor patents, with another hundred or so pending. Using the best materials sourced from leading companies all over the globe, our products are periodically and randomly tested by SGS to ensure there is no formaldehyde or fluorescent agent. Inline inspection is standard and constant to ensure total product quality control.

MGHL has its own fully-staffed laboratory to conduct various tests, ranging from raw material specification checks to new product inventions, including the creation of our patented and unique “hourglass-inspired distribution channel”. There is no doubt that the innovations and quality checks originating from its laboratory has provided enhanced experience for users around the world.

The honor bestowed on Jiangxi Marvel today confirms the path that MGHL is on, “creating value, together”, is the correct one. Having established the right path, MGHL will continue to push the boundaries in creating products at fair value that all consumers can enjoy.

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