Use Training Pants Instead of Diaper Pants for Active Babies!

Our baby boy has just turned one and weighs 12KG, requiring him to use large-sized diapers.

Our wonder baby’s starting to crawl now, and has started to roam about the house clawing and grabbing at anything he can get his hands on, especially the Velcro straps that are used on his diaper pants! You can imagine the headache we experience every time he decides to rip one off…

To try to find a solution to this, I went on the Web and asked around, only to realize the majority of mothers have the same issue with their treasured toddlers.

After plenty of inquiries, an experienced fellow mother suggested that I try training pants, and particularly recommended the one she uses on her baby: Wonder Wraps Train Easy.

Being an eager mom, I immediately searched out Wonder Wraps’ official store on TMall and read all the test reports, product specifications, and consumer comments, and decided that all the favorable responses warranted a try.

Another factor I was willing to try the Wonder Wraps Train Easy is the price: at RMB9.90 per 6 piece trial pack, it was pretty much a no-brainer. Now I’m a fairly impatient person by nature, and didn’t waste any time purchasing the product to try after speaking with the customer relations staff about how well it’s selling.

After a few days, the product finally arrived and the packaging was certainly attractive: it even got my baby boy’s attention as he wouldn’t let go of it after seeing it (yes, he hasn’t quite understood the “release” command yet from playgroup)!

I immediately ripped open the packaging so we can try the product, and first impressions were good: very soft and the elastics stretched really well and didn’t lose its elasticity or shape even after pulling the product many times over.

The size fit my baby boy quite well as well, although I concede my baby has a pretty standard body shape. Because it was my boy’s first time trying on training pants, he was extremely excited and wanted to pretend to take off the training pants like an adult! After the first change, he also decided he wanted to name the character on the diaper and kept asking about it after!

What my baby doesn’t know, of course, is that he didn’t need to take off the pants: he needed merely to rip the side gently and the whole product would come off. What a great convenience, especially in confined spaces where spreading your arms wide is not an option (#shoppingmalltoiletcubicles).

What really surprised me, outside of the quality and design for a product this cheap, was how much water the Wonder Wraps Train Easy can lock in! To think something so thin can hold that much water and be dry enough not to cause diaper rash is truly something that will stick in my mind when I’m asked to recommend diaper brands.

Anyway, that’s all for now, gotta go do my endless errands (#mommyduties).

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