Thinner yet more absorbent, new Cozy Care Pop Pants helps push away diaper rash

As spring approaches and weather warms up, layers of jackets and sweaters are shed by children everywhere. The same, however, cannot be done with diapers. Spring climate brings with it greater humidity, and is peak time for the development of diaper rash. To prevent this, on top of conscientious sanitary habits, parents need to choose their children’s diaper carefully. Cozy Care has undergone extensive research and development to launch Pop Pants, an entire new series of diapers with revolutionary contact layer that is thinner yet more absorbent, a game changer arriving just in time for spring.

During its development, the Pop Pants diapers underwent intensive research into consumers’ main area of concern: comfort, absorbency, draftiness, softness, and ability to prevent diaper rash. To address all these factors, Cozy Care developed a new generation of contact layer that is more delicate and smooth as warm milk. Other than traditional functions, the new contact layer is supplemented by uprated super absorbent polymers (SAP), reducing thickness yet increasing absorption, resulting in a sense of freedom. What’s not absorbed is immediately channeled to the absorption core, which locks in all liquids without reverse osmosis. All this leads to a diaper that gives a constantly dry and uninhibited feeling.

In production, like all Cozy Care products, the Pop Pants line of diapers and diaper pants is produced in accordance with national standards. All new parents can be assured that when they use Pop Pants for their children, each product is produced within the highest standards in relation to material procurement, chemical control, production environment, and bacterial count.

Cozy Care is a portfolio brand of Marvel Group Holdings Limited, a company established in Hong Kong in 2012. Marvel Group Holdings Limited uses state-of-the-art technology to produce children’s sanitary products at scale, and procures only from the world’s Top 500 raw material vendors. Tailored to match the needs of every child, Marvel Group’s products have become synonymous with trust and assurance.

Built upon a strong foundation and coupled with innovative development, the Cozy Care Pop Pants is created to satisfy the most demanding of parents in their quest to provide their child the freedom of growth as springtime arrives.

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